25. 06
"Ukrainian helicopters" Company Working Meetings

 On June 25, 2009 "Ukrainian helicopters" company held a meeting to discuss Company's work for the period of 2008 and five months of 2009, with the main focus being flight safety.
The meeting was opened by V.V. Tkachenko, the Director General of the "Ukrainian Helicopters" who pointed out that at present the Company has a leading position in Ukrainian aviation business. Thirteen Mi-8 MTB helicopters participated in the United Nations Mission tasks in Madagascar, Mozambique and Myanmar and were part of the UN peacekeeping forces in Sudan, Haiti and the Ivory Coast; eight helicopters operated in Darfur, two - in Sudan, two - in Haiti and one - in the Ivory Coast.

As G.M. Kryvoshia, Inspector on flight safety, stressed, according to the classification of flight safety the Company is proud that helicopters perform their work in a highly professional manner. The number of flight hours is impressive: only for five months of 2009 the number of flight hours constituted 67% of the total number in 2008. In addition, for the same period of time in 2009 the company's aircraft transported 32 173 people, which is almost identical to the results of eight months of the year 2008. The total number of passengers and cargo transported equals 53 112 and 2 884 accordingly.

The number of air personnel of the company has doubled: from 57 in 2007 to 149 in 2009. At present, the company has 26 aircrews, their members undertake regular training in certified centers of civil aviation, including International Aviation Training Centre, Kremenchug Flight College, Aerolingva (an establishment of postdiploma education) and National Aviation University.

One of the Company's priorities is enhancing its personnel's proficiency in English and making it fourth level according to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages which is a requirement of the International Civil Aviation Organization for 2011. To this end, the Flight Service members regularly attend English courses and, therefore, 40 people have already been certified as having the fourth level, 40 people - the third level and 30 people are at the second level of language proficiency.

Nevertheless, enhancing level of flight safety will always remain a the key task of the Company. At the meeting some people received Letters of Appreciation and bonuses.