20. 04
"Ukrainian Helicopters" Providing Support During the Elections in Sudan

Due to the exacerbation of the political situation in the Republic of Sudan during presidential and parliamentary elections there appeared a need in additional aircrafts of our aviation Company in order to promptly support the election campaign.

 Two Ukrainian helicopters were temporarily redeployed from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Sudan (Malakal and Wau) for providing the assistance to the United Nations observers in monitoring the elections campaign.

Presidential elections held from April 9 to April 16 went smoothly. Preliminary results were expected to be published on April 22 and it is expected that current President of the Republic of Sudan Omar Bashier will be reelected for the second term.

On April 25 two aircrafts of "Ukrainian Helicopters" will return back to their main bases in the Democratic Republic of Congo and will provide further support to the UN mission in the DRC (MONUC).