05. 08
Department of Operations’ 2011 Biannual Progress Meeting

On August 4, Ukrainian Helicopters Department of Operations held a meeting to summarize the deliverables over the first six months of 2011. The meeting was attended by 90 flight personnel. The meeting addressed basic work-plan progress indicators over the course of July and the first six months of 2011, and the status of proficiency training and safety.



Over the above-mentioned period 180 flight shifts were made. The performance of operating tasks required the involvement of:

  • thirteen helicopters for the U.N. peacekeeping missions in the Republic of the Sudan; two helicopters in the Democratic Republic of Congo; three helicopters in the Republic of Ivory Coast;
  • two helicopters (in Haiti) under the World Food Program;
  • one helicopter under Contract with Concord XXI company (performed by the Training Center for foreign specialists whose overall flight time makes 20 hours).

Basic Performance Indicators as od the first six monthe- First Half of 2011:

  • Total flight time: 6447 hours
  • Passengers carried: 55 667
  • Cargo carried: 1061 tons



Over the six months of 2011 eight pilots-in-command, 15 co-pilots, three co-pilots/flight attendants and four flight engineers completed the operational-readiness course. 37 PICs, 46 co-pilots, 44 flight engineers and 41 flight attendants completed the training in performance of individual work.

On June 7, 2011a new Flight Operations Manual was developed by the Aviation Company and approved by CAA of Ukraine.

Upon comprehensive review of the Department of Operations' performance and the discussion of areas of concern, decisions were taken and measures developed to improve its work, recruitment, staffing and training arrangements.

Developed and communicated to the staff were instructional guidelines and procedures to be followed when departing, in case of radio-communication failure, when using BAMBI BUCKET external sling system, checking GNS-530W operational state, etc. Department of Operations performance tasks and priorities were identified for August 2011 and second half of 2011.