06. 08
Working Meeting with Pilots-in-Command

On August 4, 2011 V. Tkachenko, Chairman of the Board, Director General of the Aviation Company "Ukrainian Helicopters" had a working meeting with the pilots-in-command.

The meeting was attended by the PICs: Yu. Bortnik, A. Bortnyak, A.Volkov, S. Yena, E. Kostik, H.Madaminov, S.Nedogibchenko, E.Nichiporuk , A.Plastun, N.Sakun, V.Tkachik, O.Khilko and L. Chugaynov.

The issues on the agenda included: implementation of the decisions made at the working meeting held on 07.06.2011 and extending the length of Spoken English Course at the Aviation Training Center.

Working Meeting with Pilots-in-Command


There was introduced stricter monitoring of the following issues :

  •  study of the revised FOM of the Aviation Company's at the newly introduced courses with the participation of the Department of Operations Management staff;
  • developing personal records of flight crew members based on their practical work and theoretical training results.
  • developing criteria of the proficiency training level and morale as well as recommendations for professional development;
  • developing Individual professional development plans, recreation program and proficiency training for all Company's flight personnel for 2012;




  • by 01.09.2011 finalize a proposal to be prepared for purchasing laptops for PICs thus enabling them have access to standard and executive documents data base and approved forms, weather websites, etc. of the data to be uploaded into the PCs is to be determined;
  • to assess the proposals submitted by flight personnel regarding changes and amendments to the current revised FOM of the Aviation Company.

Aviation Company Departments and Units Management are instructed to take action on implementation of the decisions made and report on their realization at the next working meeting with Pilots in Command.