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Our Company Has Trained American Pilots to Fly Mi-8MTV-1 Helicopters

Training flights were carried through the period of August 29 - September 2 on the basis of Kremenchug Flight College UNAM under the contract with the Canadian company "Concord XXI, Inc."

The training course was completed by Michael Adair, U.S. Army chief warrant officer 5, Ernest Cisneros, CW4, and David Edhegard, CW4 retired.

 Our Company Has Trained American Pilots to Fly Mi-8MTV-1 Helicopters

 The training program included:

August 29 - circle and hover flights, elementary flying.

August 30 – flights with autopilot system off, elementary piloting.

August 31 – Selection of the sites and landing on unprepared sites, off-route flights.

September 1 – emergency OEI landing and IFR flight training.

Pilots briefing

Engineers Department Chief, VA Bobyk, Flight Engineer

Over the entire period of training each pilot's flight time amounted to 10 hours.

The Aviation Company's helicopter UR-CDO was used for the training course. Instruction and in-flight training were conducted by experienced instructor-pilots: I. Krikun, Deputy Director of Operations for Flight Instruction, S. Yurik, Senior Safety Inspector, V. Vishinsky, Flight Data Monitoring Chief, I. Roshchupkin, Flight Engineers Department Chief, VA Bobyk, Flight Engineer.

"This is the second group of trainees. The difficulty is that many pilots have had a long break in flight operations, ranging between four and thirteen years. There was a lot of things for them to learn and master."- said the Co-Pilot P. Lobanov.

American pilots had a fairly short time to master the art of flying aircrafts that were absolutely new to them.


Igor Roshchupkin trains Michael Adair in operating IFR flights

"Blind" flight

According to Michael Adair, the main difficulty was the fact that the main rotors of American helicopters and Russian helicopters rotate in opposite directions.

 "Thus, it requires different approaches to navigation and the feel of the aircraft. I had to constantly control myself to hit the right pedal, "- said Adair.

"I got to like the MI-8MTV-1. It has a very wide range of capabilities. At first I thought that controlling such a large aircraft required much force. However, it doesn't. The helicopter is very responsive to control, which goes a long way towards performing complex missions, "- said Ernest Cisneros.

"It was a great course" – expresses his opinion Edhegard David - "All the instructors are top-class professionals. They patiently answered our questions and eagerly helped to solve problems arising in the course of training. Information was provided in an easy-to- understand manner, which made the training process much easier for us. "

According to Igor Krikun, not only do such training flights allow foreign pilots to complete initial practical training on a new type of helicopter, but they also improve the international image of the company.