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Training Flights at "Chaika” Airport

On September 14, 2011 Ukrainian Helicopters' staff were trained to work with the cargo on external sling and water buckets (bambi bucket) at "Chaika" Airport in Kiev.

 Under the guidance of experienced instructors- Deputy Director of Operations G.Krivoshei, Deputy Director of Flight and Methodology of Operations Department E. Krekun, Chief of Flight Engineers Service I. Roshchupkin and private pilot instructor V. Wyszynski, the pilots conducted training flights on UR-CCQ, UR-CDK and UR-CDH helicopters.

Training Flights at "Chaika” Airport

Aircraft commanders V. Kostenko , A. Chipurnyuk , V. Chernuj, flight engineers I. Langovoy and O. Beremesenko got certified to work with external load and water buckets.

Flying with external sling is not an easy thing, as а pilot should constantly monitor the distance from the load to the ground and helicopter's balance. With the deviation angle when rolling exceeding 10-15, the cargo swings can complicate piloting, thus instructors make sure that pilots abide by the instructions and carefully drive the aircraft with the external suspension.

"These training flights are very helpful in preparing crews for specific types of flights. During training pilots are allowed to make minor mistakes that are immediately corrected by the instructor. The staff can work independently only when the number of errors is minimized and they don't affect flight safety"- said Gregory Krivoshei.

 Gregory Krivoshei at pre-flight instruction

Preparing for takeoff with bambi bucket

New employees, aircraft commander N. Naumenko and co-pilots Y. Kutko, V. Dolzhenko and A. Baranov successfully passed the test.

 "I have some experience of working with cargo, but it was the first time I tried bambi bucket. There are many things to consider there: the way the helicopter acts taking water, with strong wind, etc. I had a chance to see professional work of the crew. The operators gave clear guidance as to the helicopter's management, indicated the height of the overflow device distance to water, guided through the process of dropping water precisely on the target. All instructors were helpful and eagerly shared their knowledge and expertise"- said Nikolay Naumenko.

Regardless of their previous experience, all pilots and flight engineers undertake tests and go through training. This helps new employees to quickly learn the new flight types and prevents potential errors.

 Aircraft commander Korneichuk and flight engineer Curvoj at work

Discharge of water requires precision