07. 10
Routine debriefing

On 6 October Operation service summed up the results of its practical work in September 2011. Debriefing focused on operation's industrial activity analysis, safety and organization of flight in the operational points.

Routine debriefing

According to the Director of Operations Golota V., such meetings are important for successful and stable operation of the company.
  "Debriefing is one of the most important stages in the preparation of flight personnel, its training and education. Through direct communication with the pilots, we can analyze all deficiencies and shortcomings to find best solutions of issues "- he stressed.

 Debriefing also examined in detail the errors in the activity of Operations, incidents and accidents in the civil aviation of Ukraine to develop recommendations to prevention them in future.

The Operations management set the tasks for October that include maintaining and improving of safety, training and discipline.