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The EU pilots are keen on getting a job with "Ukrainian Helicopters"

After a seven-year-service in the Latvian Air Force, Nicholas Abramovs, a Latvian citizen, continued his career in the "Ukrainian Helicopters" as an aircraft commander. He shares his first impression upon completing a two-month training course at the Aviation Training Center.

The EU pilots are keen on getting a job with "Ukrainian Helicopters"

- Why did you want to get a job in the "Ukrainian Helicopters"?

 - It is the largest helicopter company in the former Soviet Union, apart from Russia. The first thing that attracted me about the Company was its stability and reliability, but the main factor, nevertheless, was high level of aviation technology and reliability of equipment in the Company. I talked to people working here and know how much "Ukrainian Helicopters" care about its helicopters and safety. Nobody would think of flying an aircraft with "small" deficiencies. There are so many companies that are negligent about such things. Many of my friends fly faulty helicopters and say how scary it is.

- Did you have any difficulties applying for a job in the "UH"?

- The company has high requirements for the candidates. So, before applying I had to finish the course at the Kremenchug Flight College. Company's website provides detailed information as to job requirements, having read it through I thought that could fit the job. There is also contact information there, so I got in touch with the Department of Operations and was invited for an interview. As soon as I got the job I was provided with decent accommodation.

- Do you feel comfortable signing a contract with the Company?

- The contract is a guarantee of my work in the company. In also includes training organized by the Company. If, for whatever reason, you terminate the contract, you should repay the money the Company spent on you. This is a kind of an interest-free loan that doesn't exist anywhere else. Naturally, some companies do organize trainings but you have to cover the cost out of your pocket. I believe this is a fair contract. After all, you can't go to the bank and ask them for a five thousand dollar loan for free.

- You have studied abroad - at the Institute for Aviation Safety in Paris, SOS and ACSC in the USA - what do you think about training at our Aviation Training Center?

- I like it a lot. What I liked is that enough time is dedicated to all subjects. All the instructors are top-class professionals, information was provided in an easy-to-understand manner. The civil aviation and armed forces are different spheres and I had to learn some things from scratch.

- Would you recommend working in "Ukrainian Helicopters"?

- First, I wanted to get first-hand experience in the Company. When I finished my courses I immediately called a friend of mine from Latvia and offered to come here to work. Now he is getting his paper work done and is going to come for an interview. And I'm going to Cote d'Ivoire.