10. 04
Regular debriefing

On 5 April, 2012 at its regular debriefing Operation Service summed up the results of its practical work in March and set the tasks for April.

Regular debriefing
Special attention was paid to the analysis of errors made by the crews when performing the tasks as part of the UN missions in March.


Opanasyuk' crew is explaining the situation


Vasily Golota is handing out the memo to the flight staff

The discussion was focused on Victor Opanasyuk's crew, specifically when he made the decision to land in tailwind on Ayod field (the Republic of Southern Sudan). The flight personnel was reminded of the flight restrictions as to this type of landing. The Opanasyuk's crew mistakes were thoroughly studied and lessons were learned to avoit them in future.

  At the end of the debriefing having summarized the work Director of Operations Vasily Golota distributed the memo on the current plans and Ukrainian Helicopters prospects to aircrafts commander, co-pilots, flight attendants and flight engineers.

 The debriefing was followed by a meeting of the Board Chairman, General Director of "Ukrainian Helicopters" with the aircraft commanders.


Meeting of the Chairman of the Board,- General Director Vladimir Tkachenko with the aircraft commanders