14. 06
Regular June Debriefing

On 7 June, 2012 the Company had a regular debriefing to discuss the Operation Service performance in May and set tasks for June.

The aircraft commanders, co-pilots and flight engineers discussed the problems in operations and ways of resolving them. There were determined the best and the worst crews. The debriefing was focused on takeoff and landing techniques on the dusty ground in Sudan and Southern Sudan, particularly, the errors made by the crew of the aircraft commander Abramovsa during takeoff from the dusty ground in Darfur.

At the end of the debriefing instructors provided recommendations on the appropriate takeoff and landing procedure on the dusty ground and on the limited size grounds.
After the debriefing Director General Vladimir Tkachenko met with the aircraft commanders to exchange comments and recommendations as to ways of improving Company's work in the UN missions and on the training plan. Director General gave instructions to take into considerations and implement the recommendations.