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Night flight in The Republic of the Southern Sudan

On 4 April, 2012, the Ukrainian Helicopters' crew transported a seriously sick UN member from remote area to the hospital in Juba of The Republic of the Southern Sudan. The flight was performed at night time.

Night flight in The Republic of the Southern Sudan

  Aircraft commander Oleg Kornejchuk told that the crew was off on that day. 'At 5 p.m. we were told about the incident. We took off in thirty minutes and went to Gumruk village located on the border with Ethiopia. The patient, the head of the human rights department, was immediately carried on the stretchers to our helicopter. He was in critical condition, so the helicopter had to take off as quickly as possible' – said O.Kornejchuk.

 The Company helicopter brought the patient to Juba in the dead of night. 'The crew performed a very difficult night flight and proved that it could cope with complicated tasks' – stressed Kornejchuk.

The Head of Flight department Vasily Holota said that night flights are a common thing in the UN missions. 'That is why Ukraine Helicopters' crews are trained to perform different kinds of flights' – said Holota.