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Maintenance Department Performance in March-April 2012

 On April 24, the Maintenance Department (MD) analyzed its performance in March- April 2012. According to the Deputy Director of Maintenance Taras Ferley, these meetings will be held on a monthly basis.

Maintenance Department Performance in March-April 2012

 'It is very important to have the meetings regularly. We have our employees working on the UN missions in Africa for five months and they can not be aware of all the changes in the Company. For example, a few weeks ago we had new equipment installed on our helicopters, but many of the employees don't know about this. We have new regulations being introduced, new documents adopted. So, thanks to regular monthly meetings we can keep the MD staff updated and aware of innovations', - said Taras Ferley.

 At the meeting the Maintenance Department Head summarized the results of its work for the past month that include inter alia:

  1. Documents preparation and starting installation of radio altimeters A-037 on ten Company helicopters.

2. Starting installation of an early collision warning systems on 17 helicopters based in the Northern Sudan, the DR Congo, Southern Sudan, Uganda and Ukraine.

3. Entebbe maintenance station in Uganda has been certificated. Currently, documents are being processed to allow it line and depot maintenance.



Т There were also analyzed last month aircraft failures. 'Analysis of the causes of failures is very important to improve the quality of aviation engineering service. It is as important as trainings, because we give practical recommendations to our staff to prevent aircraft failure in future,'- said Head of the Operations Department Vasili Mishеchenko.

3 At the meeting the issue of professional development of engineering staff was discussed. The managers advised on the new skills and knowledge the Company personnel should acquire. "Currently five Company employees are trained in a certified institution to enhance their professional level. There are also two avionics specialists completing their training on blocks A-037 radio altimeter. They will use these skills and knowledge in their job', - said Vasily Mishenko.

 At the end of the meeting the MD managers set out the main objectives for May 2012. In addition to the implementation of regular tasks, next month for the first time in the Company's history Maintenance Department is going to train eight engineers to perform checking and adjustment work on aircraft engines.