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Flight Department performance in May, 2013

On the 6th of June, the Flight Department summed up the results of its work last month. Last month there were 18 Company helicopters operating in the UN missions that carried 8035 passengers and 260 tons of cargo. The total flight time amounted to 944 hours.

Flight Department performance in May, 2013

 The head of the Flight Department Vasiliy Holota said that in May the department completed its tasks by 95%. 'This is a good result proving that every Company's employee works very well' - said Vasiliy Holota.

At the briefing there were also discussed specific futures of work in the UN missions as well as the technique of taking off and landing helicopter on the dusty spots.

 According to Vasiliy Holota, the UN mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo is the most complex for piloting the helicopter.

'In this country pilots are working in the mountains and jungles, with meteorological conditions being difficult (storms, downpours and low clouds). That is why the Company organized pro bono basic training flights for our pilots in the DRC. Pilots were trained to operate helicopter on 2780 meters. Four Company employees received the license to operate at the height of three thousand meters, others were trained to operate in the mountains above two thousand meters. We are going to continue this training in the Carpathian mountains' – said Vasiliy Holota.



Vasiliy Holota is presenting the report



Vasiliy Holota also stressed that the Company keeps hiring young pilots.

'Alexander Gavrin, Maksim Gura and Yriy Kutko started their duos as aircraft commanders. It is remarkable, because they joined the Ukrainian Helicopters being young beginners as co-pilots, made a successful career here and now they are known as professionals that take quick and right decisions in any situation' - said Vasiliy Holota.

 At the end of the briefing all failures and deficiencies were discussed and tasks for the forthcoming month were set up.