13. 06
Maintenance Department performance in May, 2013

On the 5th of June the Maintenance Department summed up the results of its work in May, 2013 and briefed about its the main achievements in servicing the helicopters.

Maintenance Department performance in May, 2013

 Last month four Company helicopter were certified under BRNAV system. 'This system allows our helicopters to accurately follow the route, thus decreasing the flight time. Soon this system will be certified on the all Company helicopters. As of today the Maintenance Department can certify two helicopters in Sudan, three in Uganda and three in the Republic of the Southern Sudan' – said the Deputy Technical director, head of the Maintenance Department Taras Ferley.

Four Company helicopters in the DRC were equipped with the terrain avoidance system (SANDEL) and radioaltimeter А037. 'All Company aircrafts will be equipped with this systems by August 1' - said Taras Ferley.

 According to Taras Ferley, this month for the first time ever in Ukraine the terrain avoidance system in the air will be certified on the Company aircraft located in Ukraine.


Taras Ferley is presenting the report

'Soon we'll have a new radio station TFM-138 and 220 volt power installed at the all Company helicopters' - said Taras Ferley.