20. 09
Flight Department Performance in July-May, 2013

On September 8, 2013 the Flight Department summed up the results of its work in July and August, 2013.

Flight Department Performance in July-May, 2013

In August 21, Company helicopters performed flights in peacekeeping and humanitarian missions in the Republic of the Southern Sudan, the Republic of Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Ivory Cost. When conducting the flights, Company aircrafts carried over 1030 passengers and 280 tons of cargo.

The Company, jointly with Kremenchug Flight College, co-organized training flights for the crew staff at the Chaika airport (Kiev) and Bolshaja Kahnovka airport (Kremenchug). The training flights logged 18 hours.

At the beginning of the briefing pilots were introduced to the flight safety in Aviation Company “Ukrainian Helicopters” for the period of  two previous months. ‘Detailed analyzes of aviation incidents are very important for training. Company staff analyzes the mistakes, thus learning to make right decision in emergency situations’ – said Heard of Flight Department Vasily Holota.

For instance, the incident the aircraft crew  of commander Anrew Ghipurnuk faced when performing regular flight in UN mission was subject of thorough analysis. The board had a sign ‘Chips in the main gearbox’ on. The crew’s actions were looked into at the briefing and assessed as correct and timely.

 The procedure of crew`s actions under the weather conditions with the temperature being below the minimum and gearbox and transmission being faulty were discussed in the methodological part of the briefing.

At the end of the meeting the Company management set main objectives for September.

After Flight Department performance report Chairman of the Board-Director General Vladimir Tkachenko and Company management had a regular meeting with aircraft commanders.