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Proficiency of the Company's personnel is key for successful missions. Let us get some insight on how the Company's flight personnel are trained.

Ukrainian Helicopters’ fleet boasts unique transformer helicopters. Heavily upgraded, equipped with state-of-the-art medical and SAR equipment, our aircraft have little in common with the basic version of MI-8MTV-1 helicopters, which became the platform for further upgrades. They are used for aeromedical evacuation of casualties and patients, SAR operations, cargo, passenger and combi transportation. The helos fly day and night, over water and terrain; they are capable of taking off and landing at unequipped sites. All this is possible thanks to highly qualified and experienced pilots. The flight personnel proficiency is key to successful implementation of the Company's tasks. And that is why take personnel selection and training serious.

Yurii Storozhenko, Deputy Director General – Head of Personnel Training Department

All pilots who joined our company have international licenses and extensive experience. Speaking about requirements to pilots-in-command, those must have flight experience of at least 3500 total flight hours and hold an ATPL. Co-pilots, in their turn, must have at least 750 flight hours and have a CPL. There are some specific employment requirements though. Mountain flights and meteorological minima flight endorsements are of particular interest to us. Proficiency in English is important as well.

The Company employs not only national, but also Colombian, Mexican, Pakistani, Bulgarian, and Ghanaian pilots. All of them, once officially employed, undergo theoretical training.

Training courses in flight safety, use of FLIR, integrated night vision and imaging system, rescue hoist operation, aviation English, psychological training are part of the Company's training programs and curricula. After completing the full theoretical course, pilots proceed with flight training at Kremenchuk aerodrome. Through simulator training and live training sorties, they practice piloting with the use of night vision and imaging system (NVIS), elements of interaction with special forces, rappelling and evacuation both with and without landing from a hovering.

Training flights are typically assigned at least 20 hours. However, the training does not end there.

Sergey Beregovoi, Head of Flight and Simulator Training

A crew member is considered ready for missions only after completion of a check flight with landing at a dusty site at night in the area of operation. Today, such regions are African countries, such as Djibouti, Mali and Somalia. Check flights for SAR/MEDEVAC endorsement are performed by a pilot together with an instructor of Personnel Training Department. All our instructors are qualified specialists with many years of flight experience in various parts of the world and under various conditions. They regularly complete refresher courses at international training centers. Opinions and assessments by such specialists are unquestioned. Therefore, pilots are cleared for operations only if their instructor approves so.

The Company's personnel training procedures meet all national and international standards.

In 2016, Ukrainian Helicopters obtained an FTO Approval Certificate, enabling the Company to provide flight crew licensing training.

Yurii Storozhenko, Deputy Director General - Head of Personnel Training Department

The personnel training and assessment system was developed according to the Company's objectives and missions that we perform. The whole training process was certified and approved by the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine.

The results that the Personnel Training Department has furnished today is training of more than 200 pilots and flight engineers. Each of them is a top-level specialist with thorough theoretical knowledge and practical skills of flying a helicopter that knows no equals in the world.