ICAO Flights Safety Management System Training Course
25. 07

Employees of PJSC "AC "Ukrainian helicopters", Quality Expert, A. Chertilin, and Aviation Unit Commander, I. Krikun, completed an ICAO Safety Management System (SMS) training course.

Implementation of Action Plan approved at the Joint Working Meeting of Director General and Pilots in Command of PJSC "Ukrainian Helicopters"
30. 06

There is no denying the fact that Company's personal is key to its success. Thus, a lot of efforts are being made to train Company's staff, create good working environment, thus improving people's morale. Ukrainian Helicopters (UH) Management has developed some incentives to encourage personal development of the personnel and one of the signs proving its efficient is increase in the number of the employed within the period of six months from 321 in January 2010 to 429.

27. 01

In 2010 Company's fleet of helicopters remained unchanged and made 24 aircrafts.