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25. 12

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 Yuri Kutko: “It is very important to think the way an aircraft commander does”
14. 08

Yuri Kutko joined Ukrainian Helicopters as a co-pilot and two years later he became an aircraft commander.

 Debriefing: summing up results for the six month of 2012
03. 08

On August 2, 2012 the Operation Service summed up its activity for six month of 2012.

 Photo Exhibition: 20 years of Ukraine`s participation in the UN peacekeeping Operations
13. 07

An opening ceremony of the exhibition "Ukraine: 20 years of participation in UN peacekeeping activities" has been held on July 2 at the headquarters of the United Nations. The exhibition was prepared by the Ministry of Defense and "Ukrainian Helicopters" Aviation Company.

The results Operation Service’s activity for sixth month of 2012
12. 07

On 5 July 2012 the Company had a regular debriefing to sum up results of Operation Service activity for January - July 2012.

14. 06

On 7 June, 2012 the Company had a regular debriefing to discuss the Operation Service performance in May and set tasks for June.

Specific Features of the Sudan (Darfur) Missions. Aircraft commander experience
16. 05

At the beginning of April aircraft commander Alexander Mindarev was appointed Head of the Aviation Group in the Republic of Sudan. He shared his experience a month later.

 The Company aircraft completed its intercontinental flight
07. 05

On 3 May, 2012 the helicopter UR-HLG completed its intercontinental flight having covered the distance of over five thousand kilometers.

Regular debriefing. May
03. 05

 At the beginning of May the Company had a regular debriefing to discuss the results of Operation Service activity in April and set the tasks for June.

Regular debriefing
10. 04

On 5 April, 2012 at its regular debriefing Operation Service summed up the results of its practical work in March and set the tasks for April.